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Have you heard the latest word on mental health?
Did you know it’s due a public shout about?
Do these images say more than what they spell?
Maybe tell how misconceptions come about?

jan image

Does mental bear a mantle cloaked in fearsome?
Does it always read as meaning raving mad?
Does partnership with health seem unconnected?
If that is so then that is surely way too sad!

Did the candid eye of Stepthen Fry not show?
How brave it is to live the life Bipolar?
Revealing of the reeling from despair
To riding manic highs when on a roller

Do you know depression or just simply think?
Its fragility of mind must be a fright?
Does schizophrenia have to talk of danger?
Should all afflicted be depicted in that light?

Is perception narrow-minded by deception?
Are you certain that the hype is fair and right?
Does language need to feed the lead on stigma?
Do you too easy speak the words that carry blight?

Ever pondered, "There but for the Grace of God...?"
Ever paused to question reason to beware?
Is compassion in your heart to look and listen?
Or do you blink and turn away without a care?

So does vision lend a hand to understanding?
Can you read between the lines and plainly see?
Why mental health ought not be said exclusive
It reaches out to all - including you and me!