Images & Words the People

Each person who agreed to have their photograph taken was a great sport. Pretty much without exception, they all expressed a degree of reticence. However, partly because of my persuasive skill and charm and partly, because of the sense of pulling together to achieve a project to mark World Mental Health Day these people took part with a genuine interest in the whole project.

In many ways, it doesn't matter who these people are. I wanted there to be a random quality about the work and if you don't know us, I guess there's a randomness there.

I'll say straight away, I'm a social worker and a keen photographer. The other people in the images are or were, my colleagues: community psychiatric nurse, occupational therapist, student, psychiatrist, secretary, receptionist, they are all there. We work in a community mental health team in Kent, United Kingdom.

As the photographer, it seemed that people somehow, found it easier to have their picture taken because of the cue card. It was as if the focus was taken away from the individual. As if the word provided a barrier that made the person feel safer or more at ease. At times I think, words might produce a similar effect in other situations.