Your Comments About Images & Words

Mandy says:

What a brilliant site! (I ought to confess, Mandy's my sister)

From Jan:

here's my humble offering of a poem entitled "Latest Word" which I think you will find in keeping with the theme of the web site."

So does vision lend a hand to understanding?
Can you read between the lines and plainly see?
Why mental health ought not be said exclusive
It reaches out to all – including you and me!

See the whole poem here

From EM

Great pictures, very thought provoking, well done. (EM works for the NHS trust)

From AD

I love these photo's they are very interesting and insightful. (AD works for the NHS Trust)

From Samantha

...What a fantastic site! It is so good to have seen the project grow. Congratulations to you and the team at St Johns CMHC. (Samantha is a colleague and regular visitor to St Johns CMHC)

From Erville Millar

Section 2 of the MH Act will never seem the same to me again. This is an incredible portrayal of "legal action" in words and photographs.

Congratulations to the St John's, Sevenoaks CMHT for this inspiration. (Erville Millar is the Director of the NHS Trust)

From PC

Having seen this project in the early stages, it has continued to build to be an extraordinary peice of work and surely has taken many hours of commitment and dedication. An impressive and informative site. (PC works for the trust)